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Rescue Horses   |  ROMAN

All hail to our Roman!

He is an 18-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse gelding.

This 16-hand high Bay Robacino gelding, that came to SAVER at the beginning of May 2019, did have some lameness issues that have been evaluated. He is a sweet boy, but not an "in-your-pocket" type of horse. Roman likes to be around people and has been easy to handle on the ground.

After having been given special care, he is now suitable for riding, and is well behaved under the saddle; good both out on the trails and in the arena. Nevertheless, he needs to be restricted to light riding due to his moderate lameness.

He has completed his evaluation and is now awaiting his forever home.  





Appendix Quarter


18 Years


16 Hands



Adoptability Status: Available

Roman’s BIO

Sponsorships start at $50 a month and help cover basic needs of the horse. You will receive a photo certificate of sponsorship and your name or business listed under Horse Sponsors.

(Originated from the Latin word "romanus", which means "of Rome". The title "Roman" means "a citizen of the Roman Empire", a man of Roman (or Byzantine) culture, Latin or Greek”.)