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Rescue Horses

These are horses who have been abused, abandoned or neglected by previous owners, and subsequently confiscated by the Animal Cruelty Task Force here in Southern Arizona. Our goal is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Re-home these horses in order to award them a second chance at life. In congruence with Pegasus Veterinary Center, SAVER provides sanctuary and veterinary care to our rescued herd. Once healthy, our Rescues receive training and rehabilitation with the help of local equine professionals and advocates before finding their forever home.

Below is a list of rescue horses we are currently tending to and we seek your kind support to help us continue providing their medical requirements and personal attention toward full rehabilitation. Each undergoes various stages before achieving ‘adoptable’ status, and the individual bio pages will indicate to which level they’ve

Rescue Horses  |  FLOYD

progressed to. For those members of our rescue herd that are not ready for adoption yet, you may still show your compassion and support by Sponsoring or Fostering. We graciously appreciate any amount of support you’re prepared to offer. Please browse through their bio pages and help us with your kind donation, and add your name to our esteemed list of SAVER supporters. We’ve also made available for your review various PDF downloadable forms to the right. (Click on photo for more information on rescue horses below)

Adoption Form

Foster Agreement

Liability Release Form

Equine Surrender Form

Click to download PDF forms

FLOYD Rescue Horses  |  ROMAN


has found his Forever Home