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Rescue Horses   |  JOLIE

Introducing Jolie!

Please meet Jolie! She is a 12-year-old chestnut Quarter Horse mare. Jolie is a very sweet mare who gets along well with other horses and with people. She is very friendly and easy to handle, although she does have a bit of a fiery personality and would not be well suited as a beginner horse. Her abilities under saddle are still being evaluated, however she is easy to handle and work with on the ground. Jolie would not be well suited for a career as a performance horse.

Jolie has completed his evaluation for adoptability, and she has now found his new forever home.







12 Years




Adoptability Status: Adopted

Jolie’s BIO

Sponsorships start at $50 a month and help cover basic needs of the horse. You will receive a photo certificate of sponsorship and your name or business listed under Horse Sponsors.

(Jolie is a female given name of French origin and it means ‘pretty’.)