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About Us

We are equine advocates helping neglected, abused, oppressed and abandoned horses restored to a healthy state and relocated into loving homes. Even though our mission for saving as many horses’ lives as possible is not unique, what sets SAVER apart from other rescue organizations is that we also provide veterinary care and oversight. This direct involvement is not a sidebar or incidental function, but rather an integral and intensive treatment discipline from beginning to end, which is represented by our three-step program . . .     


Our horses are typically rescued from abusive homes, neglect or abandonment―situations that normally would result in euthanasia. We work very closely with the law enforcement arm of equine welfare in these types of confiscation cases.

As soon as a horse is brought into our care, they are examined by a veterinarian and a suitable diagnostic/treatment plan is established.


Once each patient is properly vetted, the next step is to locate them into a loving family as soon as possible. Each horse has a social media presence for participation within the horse com-munity to aid with re-homing. Once healthy and adjusted, our rescues are put up for adoption for a nominal fee. Adoption ownership is not transferred until they have passed a veterinary exam in their new forever home at 1, 6 and 12 months to ensure their proper treatment, care and protection.


The initial rehabilitation takes place at our veterinary clinic facility allowing the rescued horses to be monitored daily by trained veterinary technicians. Our goal is to hold each patient for as long as needed to ensure that each limiting condition is addressed, and the ideal new adoptive environment is determined. We work closely with professional trainers and equine rehabilitation specialists so that when they are ready, the horses can reengage with the public and potential adopters.

The Members of the SAVER Board

Dr. Michael Hutchison DVM

Allie de Pagter

Jo Henderson

Kevin LeClair

Dylan Hutchison

How You Can Help

Your donations help to provide all necessary medical care until these horses are ready for their new home. SAVER runs entirely on donations from interested and compassionate people like you. All proceeds go toward helping the horses in our care. Please visit our Rescue Horses page and consider donating, fostering, sponsoring or adopting.